Friday, May 2, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Facts

I have put up a collection of cool Cinco De Mayo Facts that you've never heard of or might be unaware of. Cinco De Mayo is making its arrival on the coming May 5. I have already written about the best wallpapers or images and history.

Cinco De Mayo Facts

So without wasting any-more time, let's proceed to the topic that is Cinco De Mayo Facts.

  1. It isn't the Mexican Independence day, as I've already stated in the History of Cinco De Mayo article that I wrote a week before.
  2. Cinco De Mayo is Spanish word for the 5th of May. The independence was declared about 50 years before.
  3. Mexico Fought with France and won the battle on this day.
  4. It is not a national holiday, just a simple day for most of the Americans.
  5. Most of the Americans see Cinco De Mayo as a celebration of Mexican culture.
  6. Largest Cinco De Mayo festivals are held in Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  7. It is celebrated widely in Puebla.
These were the main Cinco De Mayo Facts that you will find useful.

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