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Cinco De Mayo History - 2014

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in several parts of Mexico but it is mainly celebrated in the United States of America on 5th of May every year. In mexico Cinco De Mayo is celebrated as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (Translation: The Day of Battle of Puebla).

Cinco De Mayo History

Cinco de Mayo parade in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 2007
Source: Wikipedia.

The day is celebrated in the western mostly by the Mexican-American communities, the day is realization of the cause of freedom for democracy during the starting years of Civil War in America. The day is called as Cinco De Mayo now, and is celebrated hugely in Mexico and United States. Most people get confused with Cinco de Mayo as the Mexican Independence day that comes in September 16.

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The Cinco De Mayo celebration was started by the Mexican American communities living in the southwest and northwest of America in 1860s. After that the occasion was expanded all over the United states and is celebrated widely all among the area.

The occasion became famous and evolved into Mexican culture and heritage, firstly in the areas having large number of Mexican-American people (like Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago). After that it continued to expand. On June 7, 2005, the US Congress issued (calling on the President of the States) a statement to observe Cinco De Mayo with ceremonies and celebration.

Cinco De Mayo History (Celebration in Mexico)

On 9th May 1862, Juárez (president) declared that every anniversary day of Battle of Puebla will be considered as a national holiday (Cinco De Mayo/ Battle of Puebla Day). Mexican citizens feel very proud of this day, although it isn't a national holiday but is an official holiday for the Puebla state. All public schools are closed and neighbouring state Varecruz also gives holiday on this day.

This is the History of Cinco De Mayo, you can head to the WikiPedia page for detailed information on the same topic. Do share this article with your friends to spread knowledge among them.

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